Talk 331.
18th January, 1937
Mrs. Roorna Jennings, an American lady of the International Peace
League, asked Sri Bhagavan about the spread of Peace in the world.
Sri Bhagavan replied that if one gains the Peace of the Self it will spread
itself without any effort on the part of the individual. When one is not
oneself peaceful, how can that one spread peace in the world?
The lady asked if it was not true that the East has a scientific approach
to the Realisation of the Self.
M.: You are already the Self. No elaborate science is necessary to
establish it.

D.: I understand the general truth of it. But there must be a practical
method for it which I call ‘science’.
M.: The cessation of such thoughts is the realisation of the Self.
Illustration: the necklace supposed lost. One does not see the world
or one’s own body, being away from the Self. Always being the Self,
one sees everything else. God and the world are all in the Heart. See
the Seer and everything will be found to be the Self. Change your
outlook. Look within. Find the Self. Who is the substratum of the
subject and the object? Find it and all problems are solved.
The lady was then told of the pamphlet, Who am I? She agreed to
read it before asking further questions of Sri Bhagavan.