Talk 321.
D.: Miseries appear in jagrat. Why should they appear.
M.: If you see your Self they will not appear.
D.: If I turn to look who I am I do not find anything.
M.: How did you remain in your sleep? There was no ‘I-thought’ there and
you were happy. Whereas there are thoughts flowering in the wake of
the root-thought ‘I’ in the jagrat and these hide the inherent happiness.
Get rid of these thoughts which are the obstacles to happiness. Your
natural state is one of happiness as was evident in your sleep.
D.: I do not know anything of my sleep experience.
M.: But you know that it was happiness. Otherwise you would not be
saying “I slept happily”. When there is no thought, no ‘I’, and nothing
In fact except yourself, you are happy. That is the whole Truth.
This is exactly what is conveyed by the Mahavakya Tatvamasi (You
are That). Find your Self: and then “That” is known.
D.: How is that Brahman?
M.: Why do you want to know of Brahman apart from yourself? The
scripture says “You are That”. The Self is intimate to you and you
cannot indeed be without the Self. Realise it. That is the Realisation
of Brahman also.
D.: But I am unable to do it. I am too weak to realise my Self.
M.: In that case surrender yourself unreservedly and the Higher Power
will reveal Itself.
D.: What is unconditional surrender?
M.: If one surrenders oneself there will be no one to ask questions or
to be thought of. Either the thoughts are eliminated by holding on
to the root-thought ‘I’ or one surrenders oneself unconditionally to
the Higher Power. These are the only two ways for Realisation.